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Discover Latest Architectural Trends with Mosaic Tiles

As the interior decoration is evolving, many new concepts are being adopted. One of the latest trends in interior decoration is Mosaic Tiles. In simple words, Mosaic Tiles are a beautifully assembled kaleidoscope of many small tiles that are mostly arranged in varying geographical shapes to present a tasteful collage of colors and patterns. Mosaic…

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There are 2 reasons for choosing sandstone patio pathways or driveways are durability and versatility. Sandstone pavers are used for various external applications both in commercial and residential projects. These are extremely popular in European countries for using in landscape designs, garden pavements, pathways, etc. Main features are:- 1. The most important feature of Indian…

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4 reasons to choose granite countertops

It’s complicated to choose between marble and granite when it comes to countertops. Staining, breakage, etc. are always issue which makes the decision harder of choosing right stone for your luxury kitchen countertops. There are many different material and colour for countertops but granite is the most preferable and loved material among all. Here are…

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