Granite is a natural stone which is harder than Marble and extremely resistant to weather conditions. The main feature of Granite is that it comes in thousands of colours which make your selection wide. Granite is ideally suitable for flooring and counter tops but other products like Granite kitchen sink, Granite kerb stone, Granite column, Granite curbing, Granite monuments, Granite cobblestone pavers, Granite kitchen tiles, Granite kitchen tops and Gang saw granite slabs.
We are one of the Indian granite exporters with the largest facility and production capacity. Our quality team for granite projects works on two parameters to maintain quality. One is to check and control colour variation and other one is to check and control quality of surface finish. We offer the most competitive prices among granite cobblestone price in India, countertop granite tile prices, Granite tiles price in India and Indian gang saw granite slab prices. Other products processed in granite stones are Granite slabs in typical sizes, dimensions and thickness, Granite top edges, Cobblestone pavers, Curbing, Column, Door frames, Vanity tops, Table tops, Kitchen tops, Work tops, Dining table, Driveway pavers, Grave stone, Tables and chairs, Flamed pavers, Headstone, Outdoor steps, Sink and wash basins, Wall cladding, Island table tops, Bench top, Mosaics, Tombstones, etc.

In Axiom Exports, you can explore Indian exotic granite colour slabs in 8 shades of colour.

Black – Absolute black granite slabs, Black galaxy granite slabs, Marine black granite slab and Black pearl granite slab.

Blue – Vizag blue granite slab, Flash blue granite slab, Blue pearl granite slab, Himalayan blue granite slab and Sapphire blue granite slab.

Brown – Tan brown granite slab, Desert brown granite slab, Teak brown granite slab, Tropical brown granite slab, Ivory brown granite slab and Coffee brown granite slab.

Green – Tropical greengranite slab, Hassan green granite slab and Surf green granite slab.

Pink – Pink raw silk granite slab, Imperial pink granite slab, Madurai pink granite slab, Cheema pink granite slab, and Rosy pink granite slab.

Red – Red multicolour granite slab, New imperial red granite slab, Lakha red granite slab, Jhansi red granite slab, Coral red granite slab, Bruno red granite slab and Classic red granite slab.

White – Kashmir white granite slab, New Kashmir white granite slab,Aura white granite slab, Viscon white granite slab, Coral white granite slab, Imperial white granite slab, Moon white granite slab, Kamyam gold granite slab, River white granite slab and Amba white granite slab.

Gold – Kashmir gold granite slab, Madurai gold granite slab, Pallava gold granite slab, Shiva gold granite slab, Prada gold granite slab, Imperial gold granite slab, Golden oak granite slab, Vyara gold granite slab and Ghibli gold granite slab.

Other – Indian Juprana granite slab, Ivory fantasy granite slab, Raw silk ivory granite slab, Steel grey granite slab and Yashi yellow granite slab.

  • Absolute Black
    Absolute Black
  • Black Galaxy
    Black Galaxy
  • Bruno Red
    Bruno Red
  • Colombo Juprana
    Colombo Juprana
  • English Teak
    English Teak
  • Imperial White
    Imperial White
  • Kamyam Gold
    Kamyam Gold
  • Kashmir Gold
    Kashmir Gold
  • Pallava Gold
    Pallava Gold
  • Moon White
    Moon White
  • Rajasthan Black
    Rajasthan Black
  • Raw Silk Pink
    Raw Silk Pink
  • River White
    River White
  • Atlantic Blue
    Atlantic Blue
  • Atlantic Yellow
    Atlantic Yellow
  • Aura White
    Aura White
  • Black Forest
    Black Forest
  • Colonial Cream
    Colonial Cream
  • Flash Blue
    Flash Blue
  • French White
    French White
  • Golden Oak
    Golden Oak
  • Incos Gold
    Incos Gold
  • Indian Golden Juprana
    Indian Golden Juprana
  • Ivory Gold
    Ivory Gold
  • Kuppam Green
    Kuppam Green
  • Lady Dream
    Lady Dream
  • Lady Purple
    Lady Purple
  • Lavender Blue
    Lavender Blue
  • Pista Green
    Pista Green
  • Prada Gold
    Prada Gold
  • Raw Silk Yellow
    Raw Silk Yellow
  • Classic Red
    Classic Red
  • Red Multy
    Red Multy
  • Rose Wood
    Rose Wood
  • S. Grey
    S. Grey
  • Sapphire Brown
    Sapphire Brown
  • Scorpio
  • Shiva Gold
    Shiva Gold
  • Silver Parcle
    Silver Parcle
  • Steel Grey
    Steel Grey
  • Surf Green
    Surf Green
  • Surya Pink
    Surya Pink
  • Teak Brown
    Teak Brown
  • Teakwood Rose
    Teakwood Rose
  • Tropical Green
    Tropical Green
  • Viscon White
    Viscon White
  • Vizag Blue
    Vizag Blue