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A large variety of slate stones can be use as tiles, backsplash, Slate bricks, flooring, roofing, Landscaping, Wall cladding, chips, Walkways, fireplaces, Slate roof veneer, Culture slate mosaic, Slate outdoor steps, Counter tops, coffee table, fountains. Slate is a perfect choice for wet places such as bathroom floor tiles, kitchen backsplash, driveways, walkways, waterfalls, pool floors, etc. because of its water resistant properties.

We are exporter of top quality of some main colours of slatestone like Red roof slate tiles, Grey outdoor slate tiles, Silver shine, Terra red, Silver grey, Natural slate brown color, Rusty slate stone, Kund multi, Deoli green, Lilac Kashmir, Ocean polished, Himachal white, Black slate tiles, Peacock slate, Copper polished, Zeera green, M. green slate, rusty green, Terra yellow, Autumn rustic, California gold etc.

We have Large slate tiles, Lowes slate tiles, Slate tiles for bathroom, Patio slate tiles, Slate tiles for bathroom, Irregular slate tiles, Swimming pool slate tiles, Slate slabs for sale, Slate billiards table slabs, Slate roof tiles, Lowes natural slate flooring, Wall slate façade, Sale slate flagstone flooring, Thin slate roofing tile, Slate table top and random slate pattern.

Green Rustic
Terra Yellow
Silver Grey
Autumn Rustic
Autumn Grey
Kund Black
California Gold
Fossil Mint
Indian Autumn Rustic
Indian Autumn
Indian Rain Forest Brown
Jak Black
Kund Multi
Lilac Kashmir
R. Red
S.P Autumn
Yellow Rustic
Silver Shine
Terra Red
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